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Make Your Vision a Reality !

Industry Leader in developing spectral and polarimetric solutions using innovative liquid crystal devices.

Founded in 2019

Proven Technology

Patented Technology

Backed by researchers & industry leaders

What We Offer

@ Photoliqsys we come to work everyday to solve the biggest challenges within the spectral and polarimetric imaging field. Present solutions are bulky, slow in speed, expensive, complex, large form factor, hard to integrate and therefore not adequate for implementations in mobile phones. Limitations in number of wavelengths and resolution continue to be a common problem. It's simple, Polarimetric solutions using masks do not give the full polarimetric information.

Our Goal

To optimize polarimetric and spectral imaging solutions.

How we do this

  1. The use of passive multi-pass filter combined with broadband LCTF. 

  2. The use of 2 LC retarders that compensate each other’s retardation dispersion. 

  3. Polarization independent solutions: Special LC devices such as Annular SLM, OASLM, Tunable scattering devices.

Today's Activity

We are currently providing the most cost effective, compact and controllable spectroscopy products in the industry. We want to make this technology available to as many organizations as possible so we can make more informative decisions together. 

PhotoliqSys Applications

Mobile Phones

Applications in Higher color vision, telemedicine, food inspection, agriculture, inspection of industrial processes.

Autonomous Vehicles

Level 5 autonomy requires multispectral and polarized vision to address variety of road and environmental conditions.

Researchers & Clinics

Spectral and polarimetric optical microscopy, Applications developments in medical diagnostics, sensing and industrial inspection.

Remote Sensing

Higher resolution and imagery in security cameras and remote inspection cameras.

PhotoliqSys Products

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