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PhotoLiqSys, Ltd. develops cutting edge spectral and polarimetric solutions to help enterprises make safer, cleaner and healthier decisions. 

Our mission is to provide photonic and optical solutions based on special proprietary liquid crystal (LC) devices to help advance science and its technological applications for better life. Based on wide experience and fundamental research of many years, we specialize in the development of proprietary optics and photonics based instruments and systems that integrate in them LC devices with special functions such as tunable optical filtering, phase and polarization control, polarization independent and achromatic devices as well as tunable scattering for smart window applications.

About PhotoliqSys

Our Business Strategy

At PhotoLiqSys, Ltd, we are focused on building a leading company and research center powered by innovative spectral and polarimetric solutions.

Our business strategy consists of several main approaches:

  • Developing LC devices and instruments for the academy, research and proof of concept solutions.

  • Joint collaborative R&D projects with global partners from the industry and the academy.

  • Licensing to strategic corporate partners.

  • Marketing in local and global scales.

We are currently working with well-known researchers and industrial companies in the world. Our devices can be standalone or integrated into other systems such as optical microscopes, polarimeters, ellipsometers, digital cameras, and much more. Being miniature these devices can be easily combined with a microscope or a spectrometer to enrich the functionality of these instruments.

Our Core Values


we believe in the power of innovation to transform the world. We embrace change as an opportunity to challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and drive meaningful progress. 

Excellence & Quality

relentless pursuit of superior performance and the desire to surpass ordinary standards. Delivering products that consistently meet or exceed customer needs and requirements. 


we believe in the power of impact to drive meaningful change and create a better world for all. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our customers, communities, and the planet.

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